I have photographed various commercials and music videos as well and have 34 years experience as  Camera Operator on many Feature, Television, Commercial & Music Video productions.

Dan Kneece - Director of Photography    |    Cell: 310-877-2661 -

DP Features
Courting Chaos Canon C300PL 1.78 Format Alan Clay, Director
The Confession Arri Alexa 1.78 Format Michael Landon, Jr. Director
Plastic Jesus Anamorphic 2.35 Format HD Erica Dunton, Director
Untitled Africa Project Weisscam, Sony HD 1.78 Format Currently In Post Production
Southern Belles Super 16 1.85 Format William Olsen, Director
DP Shorts
Dreadful Sorry Arri Alexa 2.40 Format Robert Richmond, Director
Civil Panavision Super 35 2.40 Format Wes Middleton, Director
Mu Sony F-900 2.40 Format Paul Yacono, Director
Paper Planes Arri Alexa 2.40 Format Leslie Brockett, Director
The Golem Panavision 35mm 1.85 Format Lewis Schoenbrun, Director
Airship Industries Arriflex SR 16mm Joe Dunton, Producer
Critical Mass Sony F-900 1.85 Format Ivan Shaw, Director
As Second Unit DP
Basmati Blues Arri Alexa 2.40 format Additional Photograpy
Face of Love Alexa/Epic 2.40 format Antonio Riestra
Mr. Destiny Panavision 35mm 1.85 format Alex Thomson, BSC
Baadasssss! Sony F-900 1.85 Format Robert Primes, ASC
Fantasy Island Panavison 35mm TV Format Roy Wagner, ASC
Children of the Living Dead Arri 35mm 1.85 Format William Hinzman
Last Lives Arri 35mm 1.85 Format Kent Wakeford
HiJack Arri 35mm 1.85 Format Doyle Smith

My many Camera Operator credits can be found here:

References: Steven Poster, ASC, Robert Primes, ASC