Steadicam Reel

I am no longer a Steadicam Operator, but here are a few interesting interviews, including a very creative one from Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown, that reflect on that time from the first Steadicam Guild Lifetime Achievement Awards.

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I'd like to also call your attention to the next to last Steadicam job I ever did and it's in 3D. Ironic as the first Steadicam job I didn in 1983 was 3D on film. In May 2010 I photographed the first Australian Idol winner, Guy Sebastian, in a 3D single Steadicam shot  music video. As far as I know it's the first time it has ever been done. This is quite complicated as there are no cuts and Guy has several costume changes. So get out your anaglyph (red/blue) glasses and enjoy

Below is a split screen behind the scenes movie of how we made it:

Dan Kneece filming Jewel on MTV's Making The Video:

Dan's HandsFree Segway Fun shot by Alex Traumann: